Performance of Undervalued outperform Overvalued by 28.4% since June last year

In the last 9 months the Undervalued Screen has outperformed the S&P 500 by 21.2% while the Overvalued underperformed by -7.2%.  The absolute numbers were +33.8% vs +5.4%.

9 mos

Stay tuned for the a look at what Sectors, Industries and equities contributed to the divergent returns.

The graphs below show the performance of the two screens since inception on September 30th 2004.   Relative to the Corequity universe, the respective annualized returns are +2.68% pa vs -3.77% for a spread of over 600 basis points per annum.

The average return on the Universe is +2.04% pa which is more in line with the Equal Weighted S&P 500.

uvov graphs

Here is a look at the returns over the last year as well as since inception.


(c) 2017 Robert L. Colby

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