Corequity Results since Inception[1]

Corequity has been screening its equity universe since 2004. The monthly results shown below cover 13 years, from September 2004-2017 The Undervalued Screen has achieved an average annualized gain over the S&P 500 of 5.20% while the Overvalued underperformed by 2.76% for a spread of 7.95% pa.

13 yrs relative to univ

While this may not seem like much to some, it is enormous. This chart shows what the actual gains would have been on an investment of $100 over the period.  The Undervalued Screens produce a return that is over 5.5 times that of the Overvalued.

$ return 13 yrs

The graph below shows the relative performance of the Screens[2] compared to our universe of stocks[3].

(c) 2017 Robert L. Colby

[1] For background please refer to . For explanation of methodology please refer to

[2] Undervalued Stocks are in the highest quartiles of Valuation Return and the ratio of Normalized Earnings (MPEPS) to Estimated Earnings (EPS). Ovevalued Screens’ criteria are the opposite.

[3] Our universe most closely tracks the equal weighted S&P 500

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