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Performance of Undervalued outperform Overvalued by 28.4% since June last year

In the last 9 months the Undervalued Screen has outperformed the S&P 500 by 21.2% while the Overvalued underperformed by -7.2%.  The absolute numbers were +33.8% vs +5.4%.

9 mos

Stay tuned for the a look at what Sectors, Industries and equities contributed to the divergent returns.

The graphs below show the performance of the two screens since inception on September 30th 2004.   Relative to the Corequity universe, the respective annualized returns are +2.68% pa vs -3.77% for a spread of over 600 basis points per annum.

The average return on the Universe is +2.04% pa which is more in line with the Equal Weighted S&P 500.

uvov graphs

Here is a look at the returns over the last year as well as since inception.


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Undervalued Screens outperform Overvalued by 22% since June 30 last year

January adds another 4 % to the spread between the Undervalued (UV) and Overvalued (OV) screens performance since 6/30/16. This chart shows the relative performance to the average of our universe.


Here are summary tables showing which Sectors contributed to the superior performance of the Undervalued and the poor performance of the Overvalued.


The methodology is to add up the cumulative monthly Relative Strength[1] of the screened equities by company, industry and sector and rank the Sectors (in this case) by the total contribution to their performance over the period.

[1] The percent change in price relative to the S&P 500

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November Results for Screens: Undervalued outperform S&P by 6.5% and 2.3% more than our universe’s average

Our universe of stocks outperformed the S&P by 4.2% last month while the  Undervalued Screen gained 6.5% relative.  The Overvalued were equal to the universe’s return of 4.2% mainly due to the superior performance of the Energy stocks which numbered 15 out of 26 in the screen.

The Overvalued ended the month on a strong note gaining 2.4% in the last week.

Changes and Updates to November Screens

There were huge gains and losses for those stocks entering or leaving the screens from October  31st to November 30th.
Those leaving the Undervalued averaged close to +14%.  Those leaving the Overvalued were down 7%.
The 7 stocks entering the Overvalued screen increased an average of 29% in the month, an astonishingly high number.  At the beginning of the month, they were fairly valued with an average of -1.8% and a range of -12 to +11%.

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February 2016 Results

he Undervalued Screen was up an average of +2.9% while the Overvalued were down -0.6% relative to the S&P 500 in February.  This represents quite a change from January.

The gains and losses of those stocks leaving the screens are even more dramatic.  Stocks leaving the UV gained 8.2% relative while those leaving the Overvalued declined by 9.3%.

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